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    VIELA is a brand inspired by the 90’s minimalism and aesthetics. 
Clean geometric forms, expressive naked backs and elegance – those are the three fundamental values of the brand. VIELA ignores the everyday fashion contest and goes with its iconic, everlasting style. Subtle black shades perfectly reveal feminine individuality, courage and independence. 

    The designer Joana Rožkovaitė works in Lithuania, Kaunas. But soon she will change her location, she will start working in the Netherlands. Joana working on this for more than a year. At the moment she is preparing herself for fashion design studies abroad. That’s why she thinks her everyday life will fill with technical and creative development of this activity. 

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Who inspired you to behave and create the way you want?

   My niche is literature and philosophy. Because I have been studying these subjects, I can say that those things had an impact on forming my personality, also on perception and attitude towards everyday life. It taught me to observe. In other words, woke my inner eyes. And this is very important aspect when your main activity is creativity. I really like Joseph Brodsky, and one of his most accurate quotes about human condition: “ That’s how we feel today is a sum of our everyday life, which can get plus or minus sign”. It is true, the stronger foundation of knowledge in your head, the more curious and interesting you become.


Who inspired you to create VIELA ?

   I was inspired by 90’s era, it is precisely this era of human perception of the universe, art, and everyday life.


Do you think VIELA has an impact on fashion and art industry in the region that you are operating in?

   I’m not interested in universal fashion industry. I’m interested in slow and disciplined creative process, knowledge development. It is important for me, that a person would search more in himself. Would be focused on his personality fulfillment, ironize that constant, modern human dream, take care of his image from morning to evening and forget all of the spiritual principles. These exact things I’m trying to say through my Art Pieces. I think people, that are interested in VIELA’s Art Pieces have the same attitude. And so far this is meaningful impulse for me to create.

What is your main advantage?


Do you think about how VIELA will look like in 5, 10, 15 years?

   For a person, it is very important to dream, so he could feel alive. For me it is important to keep a concept and stylistics of VIELA. I think while learning about fashion and being in the community I will find like-minded people, new ideas will appear, maybe I even succeed in establishing strong and disciplined team, which main goal will be to keep the individualism and philosophy. VIELA is indifferent for new fashion tendencies, VIELA is interested in the process, regular searching for artistic and visual forms. A sense for women’s subtlety, which reveals it through her clothes.

I use only high quality material. It is important for me, that the material I use would perform their mandatory functions, as well as maintain their form and wouldn’t have an expiration date
— Joana. the designer of VIELA

How much time does it cost to produce a single art piece?

In fact, every time it is different. This is not a mechanical process, most often we are creating form impulse when we are noticing some sort of a detail, or experiencing some sort of an emotion. And inevitably we want to give them a shape. I don’t have concrete formula, one day I create a lot, and other day I create less.

Who is your viewer, customer?

     VIELA’s clients are people that are searching for minimalism and individualism. Also they are brave and thoughtful. Our Art Pieces are inclined to reveal elegance, grace and subtlety of woman.