A dialogue of subtlety and strength, Studio Mari was started by Mari Beltran as an exploration of material and form. Inspired by the enduring works of artists like Hanna Eshel and Georgia O’ Keeffe, the line is comprised of timeless pieces. Mari forms each design by hand before it is refined and cast into fine metals by artisans in Los Angeles. Made for longevity with everyday wear, these sculptural silhouettes can be worn individually or layered to form evolutionary assemblages of wearable art - representative of the individual but adjoining perspectives that shape our world. All pieces are designed and made in Los Angeles, California.


When Mari first began experimenting with sculpture, her research led her to ancient jewelry forms and modernist shapes. With equal influence from Japanese and Mexican architecture and design, she began creating pieces that fused these concepts, and will remain timeless relics for years to come. The creative and distinctive dialogue of art remains central to Mari’s intentions as a designer, and to the broader vision for Studio Mari. Mari lives and works in Los Angeles. She studied art, film and architecture.